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Erin is a vegan plant-based Chef and the Owner of Mama Hill. The business originated in 2017 after having her daughter and not being satisfied with the vegan options in the area. She found that "If you seen one, you seen them all.' Most of the restaurants in the area had the same taste, feel, and customer service...thats when she started experimenting with recipes of her own in order to fill the gap.

After sharing some of her recipes, people started to inquire about catering and events. At that point, she and her husband were only doing meal pop-up's out of their home. This was an occasional special once or twice month while working a full time job. Business rapidly picked up and she was able to leave her day Job as a Lymphatic Tech in March 2020.

During the pandemic, they also launched a luxury plant-based picnic service. This was a unique experience since the state regulations limited indoor/outdoor dining at the time. These picnics often celebrated proposals, birthdays, and anniversaries. It was something different, just what people were looking for. 

Fast forward to May 2021, Erin and her husband, Jerome opened their first Grab & Go location in heart of Long Branch, NJ!



295 Joline Ave. 
Long Branch, NJ 07740


"What I love most about what I do is knowing that fact that 80% of my customers aren't even vegan....they're just vegan curious, and that's the ultimate goal."

Erin & Jerome Hill

Founder & Creative Director